Consultants, Autumn 2020

(IMCHK Newsletter)

17 October 2020

Autumn 2020,  Volume 1, Issue 3

Design: Dr. Samson Ma, Editing: Prof. Alfred Ho


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  The Management Consulting Industry and the Profession


  The Consulting Industry in Hong Kong is one of the most professional in the world and ranks with the world's best in certain consulting areas -- logistics, telecommunication strategy, privatization, mobile strategy, governance, and service quality to name a few. Some of the world's leading consulting firms have their regional headquarters in Hong Kong and they generally serve China and Asia. Several hundred local consulting firms claim their home in Hong Kong and they generally serve the Pearl River Delta Region.

The profession of management consulting is self-regulated. One of the objectives of the Institute of Management Consultants in Hong Kong is to continue to push the level of professionalism to match and exceed world's standards, and in this regard, the institute has adapted the United Kingdom Professional Code of Conduct and formulated one of the toughest examination programmes for certifying management consultants in the world. We use external examiners, panel exams, and realistic operating conditions in our certification exam which is held twice a year.


                  Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong (IMCHK)



The Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong (IMCHK) is the professional chapter and qualifying body for management consultants in Hong Kong. IMCHK established in 2000, aiming at setting and maintaining high standards of quality, independence, objectivity, and integrity for CMC originating in Hong Kong and Macau. IMCHK is Hong Kong representative in the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), which has over 60,000 members worldwide.

The aims of the Institute are to enhance the practicing standards of management consultants and the confidence to the clients about consulting services in the world. IMCHK is the awarding body of the Certified Management Consultants (CMC), recognized by the United Nations and in over 50 countries around the world. IMCHK will create a platform to get all members and consulting professional worldwide stay connected through various activities organized and professional development programs throughout the year.


               International Council of Management Consulting Institutes




IMCHK is a member institute of ICMCI CMC-Global. When you join IMCHK, you are also joining a global community of trusted, ethical, and committed colleagues. When you become a “Certified Management Consultant” (CMC), you have shown that you have the knowledge, competence, commitment and peer acceptance, that you are a true professional. The CMC designation is a statement that you are both committed to and capable of delivering a higher level of management consulting! The CMC designation is recognized in around the world as a self-regulating professional designation – with all the attendant privileges and obligations that come with such a distinction.